Midweek Musing: the gift of being remembered

Remembering. Re-membering. Restoring to wholeness.

I am pondering today the gift it is to remember another – on their birthday, in the midst of trouble, before or after an important moment, unexpectedly because some song or story brought them to mind.

The gift is in telling that person they have been remembered. You have thought of them, 'seen' them, cared and been grateful for them. You are telling another they are not alone, they are loved and they are valued.

In hearing this, a person will be nourished, their inevitable brokenness healed a little, or a lot may be.

You already know this, of course, because you have experienced it yourself – or I hope you have.

To thus remember others is a gift to ourselves, too, for we are fully human only with each other. Putting others in the forefront of our minds is healthy – the alternative is selfishness and an inward gaze of unhealthiness.

This pondering has been inspired by the opposite of being remembered – being forgotten, feeling unseen, unloved. Not me. Another.

What is it that gets in the way of putting others first, of valuing those dear to us enough to remember to call or send a message in the midst of challenges, honouring the important moments, declaring our gratitude for the life of another by wishing them happy birthday?

Is there someone you could remember today, and tell them so?

Give the gift, and feel the gift overflow to you also.


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