Two Foot London Lament

we did not like the plane trip,
the sitting, the pressure, the waiting
for touchdown on her side of the world

we did not like the hard work,
pounding gravel, grass and asphalt in search
of history and memories not your own

we did not like the air here, thick
and warm and heavy with
a summer we do not recognise

and so we bulged our skin to
stretching, we throbbed and wept,
tore ourselves to shreds –

how did you like that?

you leapt, heart, you wept, eyes,
on landing beside your sister,
distance ten months untouched

you stretched, mind, you sighed, body,
at monuments from and for
the people important to your people

you smiled, mouth, you healed, soul,
lungs giving voice the breath
to share stories with your own

and so we received the balm, the careful
touch and restful moments; we took the blood
enriched; we sighed gratitude for carrying us here –

how we do love that.


Anonymous said…
Sarah - I love this. I love to visit the history places but the shoe leather and the body suffers. I love it when Brits say, 'How do you know so much of our history?' My answer, 'Because it's mine too.' I find that as I connect with people all over the globe I begin to take in their history too. You are insightful and beautiful in your person and your writing. I've asked to be your face book friend, I want us to be open to the possibilities of shared experiences. Blessings abundant from Raylene Pearce.
sarah said…
Thank you Raylene. Lovely to hear from you, and such generous words of affirmation. Much appreciated. May joy and wonder abound for you.

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