fine-tuning our attention : stories, passion, wellbeing

If you've been following my tweets and Facebook page, you'll know I've been enjoying a little holiday with one of my sisters, who travelled from Down Under to spend a couple of weeks with me. Along the way, I took photos and video that will enhance the telling of some of my stories and poems, so keep an eye on the various sarah tells stories pages for those in coming weeks!

In the meantime, I am turning my attention towards some upcoming events - the Network of Biblical Storytellers' Scholars' Seminar and International Festival Gathering in early August, a liturgy and worship study day, more opportunities to tell stories from (in)humanity, and a series of workshops through which I hope to help encourage healing and wellbeing through stories of passion.

I would greatly appreciate some extra help as I prepare the latter, and have prepared a short video inviting your support. Please consider becoming a sarah tells stories patron for the month of September if you would like to support this project. You are most welcome to then cancel your pledge if one month, one project, is for you just now. You are also most welcome to stay on as a patron in support of the broader work of sarah tells stories, stories, poems and spaces in which to nurture the fulness of our human being.

thank you

we are fully human together


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