Into One Spirit - new poem

This morning at Greyfriars, Richard invited us to remember our baptism, recall our calling from the Holy One to be our truest, fullest selves for the completeness of the woven tapestry of life.

This evening at Greyfriars, the stations, the silence, the poetry of NiteKirk invited us to enter joy.

And so this poem flowed from the contemplation of the day.

Into One Spirit
on baptism 

it runs, it frolics, it drives a path
into the earth
slowly deeper
quickening keeper of the roots
furrowed alongside
from the profligate scattering
of seeds some time ago
                   it runs
a way both following
and beckoning, responding
and calling
                    it runs
yours alone
       and yet
                   it joins
a river running far beneath all rivers
earth and ocean
                   it joins
to the source of all running
water makes you daughter
of the mother of us all
it runs
           and catches you up
for the ride of your life!

(c) Sarah Agnew      


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