Monday, 11 May 2015

lectionary musings : Easter 7

This coming Sunday, I'm leading worship and preaching at Upper Clyde Parish church.

I'm quite looking forward to it.

As I reflected on the story in the gospel according to John, and Jesus' musing about the word in the world, the disciples in the world, I doodled, seeing the word as light / sacred, love, gift, and in the world.

still not crash hot at the doodling thing, but I had fun.

Hopefully I'm a little better at crafting poems: this is what we'll be praying together as we hear of Jesus' prayer for his disciples, for us, and, in our turn, pray for others and ourselves. The prayer is shaped by the hymn we'll be singing between the words I speak - 'It's me, it's me, it's me O Lord' who needs your prayers.

sing refrain

As you remember all God’s children, Jesus the Christ,
we remember each other too.
We remember the elders in our congregation and our community,
those who have gone before us, guided and taught us;
those who need the younger folk to lean on, to laugh and cry with, to listen, to hear. We remember the givers of life, parents and midwives, pastors and doctors, gardeners, artists, counselors, uncles and aunts.
We remember each other,
and ask you to remember us too,
our capacity to give life, to nurture, to heal.

sing verse 1 and refrain

As you remember all God’s children, we remember each other, too.
Our siblings in family and faith,
the children among us.
We remember the members of our choirs and sports teams,
craft circles, societies, associations and clubs.
We remember each other, in our everyday struggles and joys, the extraordinary moments of miracle and wonder, sacred mystery breaking through.
We ask you to remember us, too, who are somebody’s brother or sister,
in family, faith, community.

verse 2 and refrain

As you remember all God’s children,
we remember each other, too,
the friends and the strangers, clients and colleagues and customers.
We remember the folk who serve us in shops and cafes, drive buses and trains,
taxis and planes,
who sweep floors, wash windows, collect our mail and feed our cats when we are sick or away from home.

We remember the faces of those we know well, those we see often, those we pass in the street hardly noticing; and we ask you to remember us too,
strangers crossing another’s path,
friends sharing another’s stories,

may we do so in peace.


[Sarah Agnew] 

feel free to use this in your worship gatherings, with or without the hymn, if it is helpful. 

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Nik said...

Huzzah! So glad you're coming along - just wish I could be there...tho' that does rather defeat the purpose, lol!