lingering with the lectionary stories - of shepherds and abundance

this is in retrospect rather than anticipating the lectionary. as I sat in gathered worship this morning, hearing and singing the lectionary portions for the week, I recalled other encounters and reflections, and thought I'd share them here.

Psalm 23 

psalm 23 as prayers for others 

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want – we pray than none will want, that there will be none who yearn for food, shelter, friendship, peace, education, medicine, employment, clean water … 

May the Holy One lay you down in green pastures, lead you beside still waters; God restores the soul – this is our prayer for you who are unwell in body or mind, who are troubled, confused, overwhelmed … 

Wisdom will lead you in right paths, for the sake of God’s name – this we know, this we trust, from the stories of our ancestors and the stories we are living following the Holy One Holy Three 

Even though you walk through darkest valleys – do not fear – God is with you – in the Sacred presence may you find comfort and courage … 

God prepares a table before you, to celebrate even when you feel persecuted; the Divine anoints you, God’s love overflows!  

We pray for mercy. We trust in God’s goodness. 
And, abiding in God as God abides in us, we will show you God’s mercy. We will act with God’s goodness. We will love with the love of God that overflows. 


[Sarah Agnew] 

I wrote that for my former congregation at Belair Uniting. Here is the story of another encounter with the Psalm and the Gospel passage for this Sunday in Easter with the Belair congregation.

And this is the best version of this Psalm. Ever.
Written by Paul Kelly. Sung by Australians Tripod and Eddie Perfect. 

The Idea of North have also sung Psalm 23 in a version I adore - on a CD with James Morrison, The Gospel According to Groove. 

John 10 

A video of me telling John 10, at the Uniting Church National Assembly, July 2012 (Video, Craig Mitchell): click here.


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