defiant company

for those who sat beside me through a dark and stormy day,
reaching love across time and space 

what will the black dog take
from this encounter, this latest
attempt to stand, to deliver blow
and plunder all the joy and life from deep

what will the black dog take
from meeting human shields and swords
of light that shimmer through the mist
it hissed in my direction?

the black dog will not take
wounds to bind or lick;
its life
            it will retain.
but it will not be permitted to take from me more
space than it was given, will not make
of its corner a residence to call
its own.

as light fades a world away, it has been sent
to stand guard around me, a cobbled rampart
drawn from other lives and generations.

what will the black dog take from me,
scrape from the flesh beneath its claws?
a lesson will it take, a message sounding up
from empty jaws and un-pricked ears –
hear this, black dog foe, black
dog companion, this one here is loved, is not 
alone – 
              should you choose to rise again, know this: 
Sarah is defended. 


Marnie Agnew said…
Indeed she is, much loved and forever defended

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