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I just couldn't wait any longer - it's a new page, with plenty of room to fill with stories and poems, but it is here, a way to support sarah tells stories with regular pledges for regular creations.

You, the readers of this blog, have been such faithful supporters of the stories, poems and general musings shared on this page over many years. I am grateful for you all. These works will all continue, and continue to be available for free.

Patreon is a site that enables fans of an artist's work to show their appreciation with financial support, enabling artists of many and varied genres to continue to create work to inspire, challenge and delight.

Please find me at patreon, and if you are able, join the team behind sarah tells stories as I create poems and stories to celebrate the beauty, courage and hope of humanity.

further, from my Facebook page:

this is the story: I have travelled far from home to keep learning and growing as a storyteller-poet-minister. It is a remarkable opportunity. To keep doing what I am called to do, being the best at who I am called to be, I must tell stories and write poems. 
So, if I have motivation from patrons investing in me, creativity might grow in many ways. 
And, if I receive financial support from patrons investing in my work, I will have the time and the energy to nurture creative work into life. 

what is it I keep saying? we are fully human together. so for me to give to my communities what is mine to give, I am going to need some help. I humbly and later than I ought to have, ask for your help, if you have the means and inclination. 

with gratitude for the rich support I already and will receive. 



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