this morning I joined others from the alternative church community The Gathering in leading a 'Gathering' style worship space for the Sunday congregation of the City Methodist Church who employ our facilitator, Lou. 
we chose the theme 'love', connecting in with Valentine's Day celebrated around the world this weekend. 
I told the story of Jesus receiving the gift of love from the woman emptying her alabaster jar of ointment on his head as he sat at the dinner table, also a story of his gift of love in the gracious way he received her gift. 
we were invited to share our recollections of stories of people in whom we have seen God's love, and then to be creative with reflections of how we experience God's love ourselves. 
I go to words first, usually, with any invitation into creativity. these are the words that came this morning. 


it smells like coffee
and chocolate brownies
it feels like a big
squishy warm hug
it looks like a look -
eyes meeting in understanding
from your side of the room
to mine

it tastes like the beer
of home and memories,
moments of not being alone
it sounds like the ocean,
the wide vast ocean
rolling onto the shore
retreating, returning,

and as I sense it
am surprised by it
seek it
always and ever:
it is You


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