a generous turn

As I turned the corner where you were standing,
waving pamphlets at passers by, silent,
but with a loud stare, I stopped
myself from giving you the benefit of my
wisdom. I could not stop the thoughts, the
what do you hope to achieve with that waving
of pamphlets, even the giving of pamphlets
or someone's reading of your pamphlet; and
why waste your energy standing on a frozen
street corner waving pamphlets – do you realise
you are not commanded to save the world, but
to love?

               Why not love?
Why do you not spend your energy
and passion building relationships with people,
rather than waving at them from street corners in assault
with accusation that we are wrong, assumption
that you are right, have one righteous, true
and holy path unto salvation?

Are you afraid? Do you fear that the God you put
your faith in might not be up to task, that
your salvation might be withdrawn when God
discovers you do not deserve it, that others might
be missing out on life in fuller richness?

As I turned the corner silent in my thinking,
God was speaking – why not love? The message
from the story told in church on Sunday
began its work on Monday as I waved away
your pamphlets and stopped resenting
your standing on the corner, to give thanks
for your presence on that corner, waving God
under the noses of pedestrians who might not
notice without such irritation that might
one day produce a pearl of wonder if one
wonders what it was that put you on
the corner of that city street one morning,
and find their way to life in fuller richness.


Anonymous said…
This is gorgeous. It so says what I wanted to say to someone yesterday.
PS A 'one' and an 'on' seem to have swapped places in the last few lines. Glenys
sarah said…
thanks Glenys - they have, too - reverted to their proper places now :)

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