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a new year hope: for love to silence fear

2014 will always be the year I moved to Edinburgh. As the year comes to a close, and I reflect on being an Australian abroad, one story from Australia is always on my mind, with conflicting feelings of shame and hope.

I have an abiding sense of shame as an Australian at the way vulnerable seekers of asylum are met on arrival in my country. Fear seems to dominate, be the only voice to which the politicians listen, though there is a strong and vital pulse of love beating an alternative message of welcome.

These messages and public acts of welcome and love restore faith in my fellow Australians, and give us all something of which to be immensely proud. I have a number of friends who are involved in these movements in various ways, and when nine people sat in the office of a member of parliament in my home town earlier in the year, demanding an answer on when the children would be released from mandatory detention, and seven of them were my friends, all I could do, not what I could do, wa…

Christmases past and present

In the current issue of New Times(Uniting Church in South Australia's monthly newspaper), a few Uniting Church folk were invited to ponder Christmas Joy. In my paragraphs, I anticipate a Christmas without the joys of Christmases past -  I will be far away from my family; I will hear, but not tell the story; I will sing, but not play the songs; it will be freezing cold, not blisteringly hot.

Here's what actually happened.

Christmas Eve.

Via the internet, I watched some of the Carols with my sisters - a tradition they started some years ago, and which I don't usually share, as I'm off leading a worship service or two.

Later, shopping for supplies for Christmas breakfast done, I finished the cross stitch I had been working on for four months or more: Gaelic words saying 'welcome friend', and started a new one, Christmas 'Joy'. Different to Christmases past because for many years now, in one way or another, I have spent Christmas Eve preparing to lead my co…

musing on mutuality, again: or, being embraced by my new communities

The performer in me is slowly being discovered by my communities in Edinburgh, and I am starting to feel whole again, finding my place in my communities. It makes such a difference to me, to my sense of peace and wellbeing - I would be interested to hear the experiences of others - to know how I contribute to my communities.
Perhaps it is particularly because I am a performer, presider, presenter - my place is 'up front' - that I don't really feel known or part of things until I am in some sort of 'public' role. I think, being honest, I don't need an audience for myself, or I hope I'm not an ego-maniac. I do miss it. And I am one of the rare folk who has no problem at all standing before an audience (of one or one thousand, makes no difference). I feel comfortable there. I feel at home creating the spaces into which our stories are told, lived, shared. I know myself to be trustworthy holding others safe as we gather and nurture community.

I have in recent y…