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New Story Scarf


the gift of collaborative, creative community

The poets speak of the invitation to write, to share, the poems of our despair. There is a common theme to our experience, a thread that weaves through all our stories. It is a dark thread, a blue thread - what we call mental illness, but really is a bunch of illnesses that affect our minds, bodies, hearts, souls - disturb our inner wellbeing.

Hence: mindshare. A website for the sharing of stories and experiences of 'mental' illness.

In partnership with the Media Resource Centre - which before this competition I did not know existed - mindshare offered a chance for eight poets to turn one poem into a short film for the mindshare website.  My poem 'Woe Is' was chosen to be one of the eight.

As we gathered for that first afternoon and workshopped poems, the reminder to speak out if our wellness was being unhelpfully disturbed drew attention to the blue thread joining us together. But we hardly spoke of it at all - occasionally through the afternoon making reference to il…

in response to pain

This is a response to a couple of articles, well written, also responses, to the death of Robin Williams. 
Carmille Akande writes about suicide and pain for Sojourners - in particular about how we don't know what someone is going through on the inside. She includes the beautiful call for us to be safe spaces for each other to be vulnerable, open, honest, with our pain. Her words remind me of words I have spoken about how we are not only tellers of stories, as humans, but also story hearers, and find the fulness of our humanity, in healed wholeness, when we offer both gifts to each other. 
Dean Burnett writes a rebuttal in The Guardian to those dismissing suicide as selfish. He talks about how when one is depressed, your thought processes are out of whack, you're not thinking clearly enough to process pros and cons of suicide as an option. He also mentions the feelings of worthlessness that can lead to suicidal actions. 
And it is mostly in response to this that I have opened my…

faith, doubt and the Divine

In Adelaide next week two opportunities to explore ideas about the Divine - for those who facilitate gathered communities of faith in shared worship, and for those who want to prod, poke, provoke and be provoked with their ideas. 
See you at one, or both!