on being single - looking for conversation partners

I am doing some thinking, perhaps in order to do a piece of writing, about being single in the Uniting Church.

I would love to have some 'conversation' partners in this thinking - I am interested in hearing the experiences of others.

If you are single, either
because you are waiting to discover someone to be your life partner
because you choose to be (for now or for always)

if you are part of the Uniting Church (or even if you are not)

and you would be happy to share your story with me

please contact me?

UPDATE: further outline of my thoughts and questions in a doc on googledocs.

(feel free to pass this on if you know someone who might say yes to those questions)

in a private message,
via email sarahagnew [dot] storytelller [at] gmail [dot] com

or phone 0408 087 754

in gratitude



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