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boy did we beat the blues!

It began with an idea.

I had realised that, as a contemplative, reflective person who is not one for the rallies and protests, but for the poems, the words, I am often not actively involved in the myriad causes one could support with one's presence. As a person with limited financial resources, I haven't the means to give to these causes in support of the active ones in our community, or not as often as I would like. One, in such circumstances, might give in to guilt or complacency, either response to one's situation not at all helpful.

So I looked at what I have, what I can offer as a contemplative, reflective person - my poems. What resources do I have? My gifts as a storyteller and story hearer. How will I use what I have to more actively participate in my community in response to stories of brokenness into which I might offer words and acts of healing?

I decided that in order to give money, I would need to stop spending it on something else - and shaved my head for len…

warm up within & without, with a story scarf!

Three only, original stories with hand - knitted scarves - all by yours truly.  Great way to keep warm this winter! 
email sarahagnew [dot] storyteller [at] gmail [dot] com to order
(within Australia only, sorry)
(post will be updated as scarves sell - happy to make scarves to order & compose a story just for you once these are sold) 

pondering the mystery of belief, in the wee small hours of morning

It's five am and I've been awake for an hour. (yes, I'm now typing this at 10:30 am - consider it a delayed broadcast) Of course, my mind begins to ponder a question sparked by the conversation I'd had a few days earlier, on doubt and whether God exists. Why do you believe in God, Sarah? 

I was introduced to God as soon as my life began - my family belong to the Christian faith tradition and to the Uniting Church tribe. It is an interesting thought whether I would have known God anyway, I seem to have always been a spiritually open and attentive person. However, the story is as it is, and my experience of God is shaped by the Uniting Church and by my family.

What clinches it for me is my experience. Yes, my faith tradition gave me words, stories and practices to help understand my experience. But the fact remains that I have always known the presence of God near me. I talk to God all the time. OK, sometimes I am not intentionally addressing God, and to be sure sometime…

on being single - looking for conversation partners

I am doing some thinking, perhaps in order to do a piece of writing, about being single in the Uniting Church.

I would love to have some 'conversation' partners in this thinking - I am interested in hearing the experiences of others.

If you are single, either
because you are waiting to discover someone to be your life partner
because you choose to be (for now or for always)

if you are part of the Uniting Church (or even if you are not)

and you would be happy to share your story with me

please contact me?

UPDATE: further outline of my thoughts and questions in a doc on googledocs.

(feel free to pass this on if you know someone who might say yes to those questions)

in a private message,
via email sarahagnew [dot] storytelller [at] gmail [dot] com

or phone 0408 087 754

in gratitude