jazz, psalms and community

This Sunday a number of our young folk are going to be away for Generations in Jazz in Mt Gambier. My reflection on living in community is shaped by this fact, and the story of the early community gathering with the apostles in Jerusalem, found in the book of Acts.
Psalm 23 is on the lectionary list again - seems to have come up a few times this year already for Belair, on the lectionary, at a funeral. Idea of North do a great a cappella jazz version of it.
So from reflections on jazz as community, I am going to move into prayers for others, which I have shaped around Psalm 23, in the great jazz tradition of improvising on a theme.

psalm 23 as prayers for others

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want – we pray than none will want, that there will be none who yearn for food, shelter, friendship, peace, education, medicine, employment, clean water …

May the Holy One lay you down in green pastures, lead you beside still waters; God restores the soul – this is our prayer for you who are unwell in body or mind, who are troubled, confused, overwhelmed …

Wisdom will lead you in right paths, for the sake of God’s name – this we know, this we trust, from the stories of our ancestors and the stories we are living following the Holy One Holy Three 

Even though you walk through darkest valleys – do not fear – God is with you – in the Sacred presence may you find comfort and courage …

God prepares a table before you, to celebrate even when you feel persecuted; the Divine anoints you, God’s love overflows!  

We pray for mercy. We trust in God’s goodness.
And, abiding in God as God abides in us, we will show you God’s mercy. We will act with God’s goodness. We will love with the love of God that overflows.


[Sarah Agnew] you are welcome to use this prayer in worship 


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