taking my artist on a date

In a workshop four weeks ago, Rebekah encouraged us all to take ourselves on an 'artist date' - a day, an afternoon, an evening, doing something to pamper and delight the artist within. 'Do it within two weeks,' she said.

It's four weeks now since then, and finally, I've been on my date. It wasn't what I had originally intended. It stalled several times on days when sleep or money-earning was the greater need. But, at last, today, I went ahead with my plan. I looked at the work that needs doing and decided there is sufficient time without this afternoon; I looked at the temperature rising and decided it was not going to keep me indoors. I picked up my bag, notebook inside, put my sunglasses on and walked to the train.

Beneath sails as blue as the sky from which they shielded us and leaves beginning to turn with the season's change, sitting on not very comfortable plastic chairs, my artist's soul took a deep breath in, and out. My inner artist today was tended to with the words of fellow artists musing on our craft; was nurtured with my care and attention; knows itself to be loved.


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