of story, silence and surprise

Twice into the wilderness, twice into temptation for the beginning of Lent today.

Our first Sunday of Lent in the congregation included an invitation to take a 'G' and remember gratitude, God and generous giving each day through this season; the stories of Adam, Eve and the serpent, Jesus and the Tempter, and a Cherokee tale of the two wolves within each of us. You can read more about that here.

This evening I was joined by a small group who entered the story, silence and creativity together. We heard the story of Jesus and the Tempter, wondered about how Jesus encountered the 'satan' (voice, body?), what the wilderness was like.

We heard the story a second time then entered a long period of silence.

From the silence we allowed our creativity to roam:
moulding the stones out of playdough (yes, folks, it's not just for kids)
inviting mandalas to show us Jesus' breadth of vision and our temptation to focus narrowly, and to represent the sun and heat the seeking of shade and the dark of night in Jesus' desert experience
and writing a poem expanding the wondering (was it a wilderness external or internal?).

As we shared our discoveries, we wove our insights in around each other, enriching our engagement with the story - one's pondering about Jesus under desert skies at night added another question to the pondering poem (which needs some polishing, but will appear here soon) ...

Three more contemplative spaces remain through Lent - 16 and 30 March and 6 April.

Come and enter the stores, be inspired and delighted, rest and refresh.

$15 covers a light supper, materials and a fee for the storyteller (me!).


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