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balancing the gift and the curse of being a dreamer

Does the life of a dreamer seem delightful? A never-ending supply of get out of jail free cards, redeemable by switching off from reality and drifting away into another world whenever the mood takes? Free holidays into fantasy land or whatever land you want to create whenever you want to create it? Personality perfection achievable through imagination ...

Yeah, it's not like that. I'm a dreamer. I know.

Sometimes, being a dreamer is great - we'll see possibilities, imagine new beginnings and discover uncharted territory in which exciting discoveries can be made.

But sometimes, being a dreamer is like having a frustrating tick, a bad habit, a long coat-tail you're always tripping over.

Being a dreamer, you take yourself off to that new possibility, into the uncharted territory, before you've finished the task at hand. Concentration waxes and wanes, because being present where you are is impossible when you can see where you would prefer to be and are impatient to ge…

in which I ask myself, why did I stay at home?

[on the night of the Light the Dark vigil, 23 Feb 2014, having heard Matt 5:38–48 that morning]

was it because it was too hard,
or was it too easy, to light
a candle, hear speeches affirm
your righteous belief in good,
that you did not go to the square
with the others?

was it because of how you are,
fragile, broken easily, no
energy – or is it who you
are, solitary, retreating, or

were you overwhelmed, feeling helpless
in the face of so much suffering, so
much cruelty, fear seeming stronger
than love?

was it uncertainty at the purpose,
for one or for all, or do
you not yet know for whom to light
the candle?

because perhaps there is discomfort
at the movement's critique of government
as though 'they' are not also humans
in need of compassion? Sure,
their actions diminish the fulness
of being of the scared
and desperate humans seeking
refuge in our land - and
remove a measure of our humanity
and their own as well

but there is a part of me that wonders
what it would be …

give yourself gifts of space, time and creativity this Lenten season

As we approach another season of Lent, perhaps you might like to give yourself the gift of space, silence, creativity.

Come once, come to all four sessions.

Enter the stories of Jesus and invite his story to connect with your own.

* cost goes towards materials, supper & sarah's time

of this afternoon's whispered promise

The story she had promised to debut wasn't ready. The workshop wasn't fully booked. The facilitator was hot, sticky, and tired, after too many hot and sticky days in a row. And yet, as she stood, face up into the fan's whirring breath, the afternoon whispered its promise to her: they will come who need to find their stories. 

Come they did, and stories they found, at this my first workshop of the year.

I did debut the first of a series of stories I have been developping, made up characters based on real life people, set in a made up forest based on one I discovered in Margaret River. I must say, it has been fun, creating this fictional world in which to tell stories I have lived. It frees me up to tell my own stories, as telling our own stories is important, without my events and workshops being all about me. I think. I'm still tweaking it, but hope to get a video of it on my youtube channel at some stage.

In the end, telling a story still in development is a more help…

An evening of Sacred Song and Story



January was a hiatus, a retreat, a hibernation (or aestivation, as it's summer) for me. It has been my practice to hide away for a week or two after Christmas for a number of years now, an annual withdrawing from the world to allow one year to end and prepare for another to begin.

This year, I took the whole month - or five weeks. A good thing, too, because just after Christmas I came down with bronchitis, and knowing I had so much time to recover helped to let my body take its time to return to wellness.

In the midst of the illness, and of heat waves and enthralling summer sport, I managed to write. Stories that had to be put on hold in their creation during the busyness of a full rich year finally had the space to be written down, played with, enjoyed. Five stories, to be exact, four of which are part of a new series I will introduce later this month, the fifth to be debuted at an event I am planning for May this year. Most of them have been percolating for nearly two years. It …