the power and potential of stories - more than a tool for persuasion

In my last post, I shared a video that talks about using story as a tool of persuasion, a way to move an audience to a particular point of view.

I have been thinking about that.

Story is not simply a tool to be used. Story is part of our way of being human, story is part of us. In fact, stories have a life of their own.

They have a purpose - just as each human being has potential to be realised and fulfilled, the potential of story waiting to be fulfilled is the potential to connect - us to each other, to the Sacred, to the deepest part of ourselves.

Stories do things.
Stories heal.
Stories invite discovery - they show, they tell, they teach.
Stories strengthen.

In making ourselves vulnerable to this work of stories we make ourselves vulnerable to the teller of a story as we hear; we make ourselves vulnerable to the listener of our story as we tell them. And in that vulnerability, which opens to each other, we connect, with our whole selves, and are at once not alone.

Stories weave us together, so that we become one, strengthened in the sharing of stories, more fully whole, healthy and fulfilled as human beings.

This is why I tell stories. I believe in the power of story; I seek the healing and wholeness of human beings. (It is also what Jesus did. And his story is the story that shapes my own.)

I want to help others to tell their story well, to hear the stories of others well. So that together we may find healing and hope, and the fulness of our humanity.

So let's connect.

Get in touch. Donate to the work of the story.


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