remembering today that healing is possible. tenuous, but possible.

today is world suicide prevention day.

I am wearing a t-shirt from the To Write Love on Her Arms movement in the USA. The t-shirt says 'you cannot be replaced.'

I was going to repost something I've already written, but I have written a lot explicitly and implicitly about life woven through with experiences of depression.

perhaps a poem. this was first published on this blog on 4 Feb 2010. It appears in On Wisdom's Wings, a collection of poems that is also woven through with experiences of depression (and love, Spirit, loss, butterflies, life); soon to be published by Ginninderra Press.

Suicide is preventable. Healing is possible. However tenuous it might be.
Please show kindness to those you meet.

tenuous wholeness

beneath a sepia sky
of rainclouds reflecting

my cheeks are wet, not by rain,
but by the profound

of wholeness, however tenuous,
painted against a black

scars an etching of regret, edges
faded and worn, colour

and yet –

piercing through to the heart
eyes that shine despite it all
for a precious, tenuous


Marnie said…
Precious tenuous wholeness, for which we daily give thanks that you found it

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