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touching free

remembering today that healing is possible. tenuous, but possible.

today is world suicide prevention day.

I am wearing a t-shirt from the To Write Love on Her Arms movement in the USA. The t-shirt says 'you cannot be replaced.'

I was going to repost something I've already written, but I have written a lot explicitly and implicitly about life woven through with experiences of depression.

perhaps a poem. this was first published on this blog on 4 Feb 2010. It appears in On Wisdom's Wings, a collection of poems that is also woven through with experiences of depression (and love, Spirit, loss, butterflies, life); soon to be published by Ginninderra Press.

Suicide is preventable. Healing is possible. However tenuous it might be.
Please show kindness to those you meet.

the cost of answering the Divine call

I have been thinking 'out loud' on my facebook page, in response to an article a friend posted this morning. Then I thought perhaps I would try to collate my thoughts into some more coherent shape.

Here goes.

So, the article is here, and it talks about some research just published, which explored the cognitive effects of poverty on a random sample of people in New Jersey. There's a book coming out, too, apparently. The gist of the findings is that our brains have a finite amount of energy, and poverty, the strain of living with limited resources, saps that energy, leaving less for decision making, learning, creative problem solving to find a path out of poverty. This isn't for people in abject poverty, the people in the survey had enough resources to go to the mall, had some income.

I wept.

As I read this article, and the findings of the research, I was reading an articulation of what I have been feeling these past months. Actually, off and on for the 18 years I have b…

walking prayers