exploring together: TEDxAdelaide, Part Two

The warmth of the afternoon sun, the grass and bean bags said 'relax, this is a time to be nurtured by good food, company, and ideas.'
The wood panels and stone details of an old Adelaide building and the pipe organ processional said 'do pay attention, though, something special is happening here today.' 

And something special did happen at TEDxAdelaide – or many somethings special. I still don't think I've quite processed the day, the ideas, the meaning that will unfold in my living from this moment on. 
Perhaps I will recap a few of my many tweets from the day - one way of keeping a record whilst also involving others in the day who couldn't be there but would like to have been. 

Sweet potato burnt data projectors & star wars inspired technology - great start to #TEDxADL !*

Will and Gavin took us on the rollercoaster of their story of inspiration and invention, overcoming challenges, accepting defeat in  race they hardly knew they were running, and some creative and fruitful partnerships. The sweet potato in my tweet was a late night improvisation, the data projectors ebay purchased improvisation, for key elements of design in their experiment to create a hologram like the one that R2D2 projects for Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Keira Lindsay on exploring - dis-ease, innovation, failure, flow - reminds me of my experience pioneering church 

As Keira talked about exploration, and the motivations for it, I found myself recalling my experience with The Esther Project, an alternative church experiment that I have blogged about here. That journey of exploration began with dis-ease, or dissatisfaction, with the way church was not offering nurturing for many artists; it tried out (or re-tried from ancient church practice) some innovative ideas; it experienced 'failure', in that The Esther Project ended after two years; and it led us, and particularly me, into a flow, which ultimately became sarah tells stories. 

Exploring the Americas - blessing; exploring Australia - despised, rejected, acquainted w grief 

This was the first reference to song, Sacred song in particular, and three more would follow. 

Love Keira's natural weaving of indigenous history into a story of exploration by foreigners 

As I had experienced in the Migration Museum, a sense of gratitude for those who are finding ways to naturally and respectfully include the story of the First Australians into the telling of the story of Australia.

Hero's journey leads to transformation of the collective Keira 

This is a thought I want to remember as I explore the characters in the Book of Esther, and how Esther has been described as a 'hero' type.

Lucas - seeing the world on horseback is different to seeing it from the seat of a car 

This was part of a string of points Lucas made, which reminded us of the need to get out of our cars, out from behind our computers, and walk on the earth, with the earth and all its inhabitants. We don't need to all go to the extremes of the Gobi desert as Lucas did, or to Antarctica as our final speaker did, but we do, for the health of our world, need to reconnect with creation.

Teded - David gallo life really wants to happen - film 

TED has a number of streams, which were highlighted in the three films we saw from the TED catalogue. David Gallo talked of deep sea exploration, and observed that though it seems impossible, things live at incredible depths in our ocean, reminding us of the force in the desire for life in creation.

Resignation a call from or a call to - to your authentic self @MoiraDes  | Signing up to life - what a good thought @MoiraDes 

Re-signing: when life, work, relationships ... seem to call for a resignation, a letting go, simultaneously in that letting go, Moira says, we 're-sign' to life. The act of letting go is itself an act of holding on to life, valuing our self, health, our life. Moira has posted her talk on her blog.

Choir exploring Australia in song 

With the organ, the choir, and a visual / digital artist, as well as with the breadth of presenters, TEDxAdelaide invited us to explore using more than just words, explore with our whole person.

Larissa - love for the moment when an artist creates something on stage for the audience to explore | Travis: forget getting fit - find something you love & let the benefits follow 

A choreographer (Larissa) and a Parcourt practitioner (Travis) invited us to explore through their two talks the human body, the wordless, intuitive, dynamic exploration of the world we all engage in through our bodies. And these two quotes were particular points of connection for me with discoveries I have also made along the way (some of which I write about in relation to healing or interpreting stories through embodiment).

look onto the eyes of those you are casting into second class citizenship. Yes! Shared humanity ❤

Another video we saw was iO Tillet Wright's talk, Fifty Shades of Gay, at a TEDxWomen event. when we have acted with inhumanity towards each other, I am convinced, it is because we have failed to see beyond our differences to what we all have in common: we are all human. And there is no second class in the human race. (I wrote about loving our differences recently)

Peter - wild law - a legal system that honours the interconnectedness oh humanity with all living things. I like it.

The thread of the need for humans to pay attention to our place within creation, in relation to all living things, woven through Peter's talk, weaving on through the afternoon.

The threads of shared humanity, of humanity's connection with the earth and all that lives; the layers of exploration and myriad ways we go about exploring our world, mystery, our self, and the human experience; the delight and joy at discoveries others have made, compassion for those who have struggled, encouragement for those who dream - TEDxAdelaide was a profound moment.

And then it was my turn to talk ... blog post #3 I think for those reflections.

* thought it might be overkill to quote the hash tag every time, so just assume it's there on all of the tweets! 


Moira said…
Thanks for the mention Sarah!
Moira said…
Thanks for the mention,and your TEDx reflections!
sarah said…
you're welcome, Moira.
the making of new connections with people like you was another delight of this marvellous day :o)

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