a prayer, responding to world events and the story of Jesus

as we mourn with a world too often shaken by bombs,
we look to the people's responses to violence:

how many stories of courage and kindness,
generosity and selfless love to we hear
in the wake of each tragedy?

does it remind us of the Christ we follow,
who showed kindness and compassion to all
he encountered, courage in the face
of violence, love for God, for all creation?

will we respond to violence and fear with
or will we, as the stories we tell demand, meet
violence with peaceful resistance, hatred
with compassion and fear with love?

as we mourn in the wake of bombings in Boston,
disrupting a celebration of life and health, we lament
this resorting to violence
we give thanks for those who responded with kindness
to bring healing and comfort

but we also lament the media's privileging
of Western tragedy over ongoing violence in the Middle
East, of whose story we appear to have tired
in its relentlessness; over the violence in developing
nations, whose humanity seems somehow inferior
to our own;
we lament the violent responses of hateful celebration
at the death of a woman, a former Prime Minister,
whose actions caused pain and have not
been forgiven.

we pray for healing in our broken world,
for our diminished humanity, tainted
by violence and hatred, a lack of forgiveness
and understanding.

help us God, we pray, to remember
the humanity we hold in common, this gift,
this sacred gift, for which we too often forget
to be grateful.



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