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Get into it

In the season after Easter, a space is being created for you to explore Spirit and faith through your senses.
Endorsements are ringing from folk who have participated in these spaces before: 'Get into it', from a friend on Facebook, and more from the Churches of Christ.

I am one of the people creating the space this time with Mark Hewitt, photographer and alternative worship space curator, and Steve Taylor, author of the course, writer, blogger and alternative worship space curator. We would love to share this experience with you.

of the joys that come when our journey is shared

The final class for me for Honours in Theology (apart from the thesis) is Wisdom Literature. We are beginning with Proverbs. One of the proverbs we looked at in class today says:
Where there is no guidance a nation falls,
but in an abundance of counsellors there is safety (11:14).
This could equally apply to individuals - we fall without guidance. We find our wholeness, our well-being, not in isolation or self-preservation, but in relationship, in community. We are invested in the well-being of each other, for the well being of ourselves, of us all.

There has been a heaviness of late, cloaking me with its weight. In the last 24 hours the cloak has shifted, even lifted.
Perhaps the weather is a factor, or perhaps it is a metaphor. Maybe it is merely a convenient coincidence. For the heat and humidity have been oppressive recently, a ball and chain slowing you down in mind and body, tiring you out but keeping you from rest with their resultant discomfort.
The release of the cuff, the li…

of spirituality and/or religion

On facebook just now, I shared a photo that was shared by a friend:

and another friend shared a link to an interesting blog post in which the author is lamenting the 'spiritual but not religious' identification in our society, which seems to relate to a spirituality of the individual, i.e. individual spiritual practices without the religious (bound together) community.

which got me wondering why we are posting such photos, making such claims, for spirituality and against religion / religiosity?

I wonder if it is a question of language? A lot of the language around faith / religion/ spirituality - 'evangelism' 'religion' and 'religious' – has been tainted by the over zealous minority whose religion / religious practice is unhelpful or even harmful, and the majority want to create distance from that ... but a spiritual practice without community is just as unhelpful, even harmful.

It seems to me that the challenge is for religious / inherited faith tradit…

aftertaste of doubt

elation not shared
soon deflates
much like rejection
                              and I
may as well not
have tasted success
                               at all

praying with and on behalf of the world

As I got up yesterday, I was looking forward to wearing my clerical shirt & collar for the first time. It felt right. For that morning, I would gather with other folk from the Blackwood Hills community to pray with and on behalf of the world, on the World Day of Prayer
The collar for me is for the occasions when it is helpful for the people to be able to recognise my as minister. Not because I'm special, or more important - it's not a status thing. But it is a symbolic thing, and I embrace the symbolic nature of my role in Christian community. Ecumenically - and this was an ecumenical gathering - the collar is a universal symbol of ordination. So people could look across the room and know my place in the room. Ministers' symbolic role is to be a reminder to the community of the call of God on all our lives. So when Ministers preside at communion or baptise members (and in the Uniting Church, it is only ministers who can), we do so with and on behalf of the community.…