and here I come!

Well, it seems that this is the year for sarah tells stories!

In the space of a couple of weeks, I have had a paper accepted for presentation at an international conference for the first time, and had my first collection of poetry accepted for publication.
To be honest, the details organising the realisation of these opportunities has got a bit overwhelming at times, as establishing a new - is this a business or ministry, or some hybrid of both - initiative, then, takes a lot of time and energy, and money, none of which are terribly abundant in my life.

But when the Spirit moves and you find your dreams coming true, somehow if you continue to trust and to seek, you find what you are looking for. So I won't despair. The words will come, and so will the money, and through sarah tells stories I will make a contribution to scholarly conversation about the role of narrative in many facets of living, and, I hope, to the wider community with my poems.

The conference is the 4th Global Conference of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, a not-for profit organisation fostering conversation between professionals, and is taking place in Prague in May.

Ginninderra Press have accepted my collection of poems for publication in late 2013. Stay tuned for details of how to purchase!

There are many people who have supported and encouraged me to build sarah tells stories in the aftermath of The Esther Project, a short-lived alternative Christian community of faith - thank you. You have seen the poet, the scholar, the storyteller, and nurtured the growth of this avenue for sharing of that ecclectic (and slightly eccentric) charism.

It is difficult to realise our dreams on our own - never underestimate the importance of an encouraging word, an email link to a challenging opportunity, an invitation to share of ourselves. Offer these things to others, receive them from each other, and grow into your fullest being. Life is for living, friends, so don't be afraid, but step into the light and live!


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