creative discipline

A friend posted a link to this blog on Facebook today: doodling in tongues. comment from another friend was that words are not the only way to engage with God or the Biblical stories.

I like the look of this, as an idea for spiritual discipline (spending time with the Sacred Story and responding), and as a companion for others on their spiritual wanderings / wonderings.

Wordless reflection is part of my spiritual practice, with mandalas or doodling, which is a relief from my very word-dominated life as writer and storyteller, preacher and biblical scholar. And I find it opens my mind and my soul to attentiveness and to entering the Sacred Presence. This involves a stillness, too, sitting in my comfy papasan chair, curtains open to look out on my little patio. And a silence, though music is another way to nurture the soul, colouring a mandala for me is a silent practice. (f you're interested in mandalas, my friend Cathie is facilitating 'A Mandala a Month' from her placement in Margaret River, WA - check out her blog for details).

I have been irregular with this practice, which I hope to change this year. I also hope to return to a more regular rhythm of walking in the late afternoons, to partner with tai chi stretches in the mornings, and possibly add yoga and swimming to the mix as well. These forms of 'exercise' are for me an attending to the whole person - as indeed are the stillness and silence of mandalas, and writing poems, journal and blog entries : as all these practices are together. For as we continue to strive for health and wholeness, we need to move our bodies and let them rest, to challenge and to empty our minds, to feed our soul through giving and receiving. No resolutions for me, but renewed commitment to the practices that nurture my wholeness of being.

As we enter the new year, what are the practices to which you might commit to nurture your self - body, soul, mind?


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