WA Story Tour: Day Two

Before the first workshop of the tour, my hosts took me to the Lions mart - a local event for the Margaret River region, then to Yahava Koffeeworks for some coffee tasting, and I'm hooked; and cookies galore, also leaving me with plans for some online ordering when I return home!

on the way home, we witnessed the car in front hit a kangaroo, and stopped to help, witnessing the disturbing site of an animal in pain from serious injuries.

our journey continued via the bakery for lunch, and then it was on to Margaret River Uniting Church for a workshop in telling our own stories.

I shared a story I am working on, a telling of the story of my call to ordained ministry, which I'm not really happy with yet, though I'm not sure exactly what it is I want to change. So that will be a task for the next few days of retreat and rehearsal.

As we introduced ourselves, many of the stories we told (I asked people to share an adventure from the past week) demonstrated a point I was to go on to make on why we tell stories: to make connections with the world and each other as we build stronger communities. People told stories such as meeting people who had been to places they'd been, small villages in other countries.

We then spent time finding our voice and our stories, and followed up with exercises in listing and choosing the stories that have deepest meaning for us.

There was a mix of delight and fear as participants discovered not only that they have a story, but how many stories they do have to tell.

Afternoon tea was from Cookies Galore, and then we took our stories and developed some of the elements of those stories - setting, character and scenes.

Many of us took the opportunity to develop stories with some deep meaning for us - going home to share with family and being overwhelmed by the power of our stories.

A day of creativity and surprises - and the Margaret River anthology may have been born!


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