Sunday, 26 August 2012

WA Story Tour: Day Three

Day three of the tour was in Augusta for worship and prayer writing.

Our worship gathering was shaped around the folk story of stone soup (sarah tells stories version), and the biblical stories of Elisha's miracles with soup for the prophets and bread for one hundred men and Jesus' feeding of 5000.

My telling of stone soup focuses on colour - I have developed a beginning that paints the village grey, and the stranger as rainbow coloured. One response from a congregation member has made me wonder about whether this is an effective device. More work for retreat & rehearsal days.

On reflection, I also thought a song might have been helpful between stone soup and biblical stories.

prayer plates - prayers for what might fill the emptiness in our lives
The people seemed to engage well with the stations for prayer, though I will make some changes to the thanksgiving station if I do this again - people were invited to pour a communion glass of 'wine' into a bigger wine glass, which would then overflow, our thanks to God overflowing ... however, the volume of juice in a communion glass doesn't really make for a very effective 'overflow', so another time I would use bigger glasses I think.

Cathie and I drove down to the beach in hopes of seeing whales; they were hiding today, but we did see some dolphins before heading back into town to get lunch from the bakery and take it down beside the river.

Our prayer workshop followed lunch. We considered the different ways we pray, and how prayer is our constant companion through the day. For gathered worship, we thought about the different postures of prayer, and the ways we might invite people to pray with silence and music and responses. I think I probably took too long with this introductory part of the workshop, because we didn't have as much time as I would have liked for writing exercises.
The writing exercises we did do seemed to spark imaginations, and be helpful invitations into wordplay and creativity, so my hope is that the handouts the people will take with them will facilitate their continuing work in developing prayers for sharing with their gathered communities.

We took the scenic route back to Margaret River, through the forest: the road takes you through to one particular point of forest that is magical and indescribable - the trees are suddenly taller above the undergrowth, clearing more space for sunshine ... it's beautiful. I may go for a drive tomorrow and soak it in some more ...

Cathie and I collapsed onto the couches after the big weekend of creativity and relaxed for the afternoon, and now Guy is cooking up a storm in the kitchen for a curry dinner.

Once again, thank you Margaret River & Augusta for a superb weekend.

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