Thursday, 30 August 2012

WA Story Tour: Day Six

From Margaret River to Perth.

Before getting on the road for Perth, I took a detour this morning to the Dunsborough region, to some more local delights. We had been so focussed on getting me to Perth in good time, that we forgot to think about opening times, so I arrived well before opening, and enjoyed an extra drive through the region in the sunshine. By the time I went back through, it was pouring with rain.

Once the doors did open ...

The Olive Soap factory was a feast of touch and smell - with creams and lotions and soaps from olive oil - and of taste - with olive oils, dukkah, vinaigrette (a passionfruit vinaigrette - yum!!) ... mmm

Happs winery was a feast for eyes and soul with the art of pottery - if only I didn't have such a challenge to get it home to Adelaide, I would have bought several pieces. And another feast of taste and smell with an SSB I am still remembering, and a dessert wine - Pale Gold - of which I may just buy a case to have with lime and ice when summer finally arrives ...

Then to Simmo's ice cream parlour - decadence for the taste buds. I had swiss chocolate with almonds & ferrero rocher - yum!!

The drive from there to Perth was pretty easy, though I stopped once or twice to refresh, as I was very tired. I had sunshine for most of the trip, which didn't help the sleepiness, actually, bouncing off the bonnet to warm the window and front seats ...

Arrived in good time at my Perth hosts' home - Diane was my mum's bridesmaid.

While Diane and Bruce prepared for the church camp we're all attending on the weekend, making soup and name tags, I prepared for the workshop tonight.

Pizza and stories with the WA lay preachers' association, and friends, was a warm and enthusiastic gathering of folk passionate about bringing God's Story to life for communities of faith. I shared with the group the process I have developed through my practice, for preparing texts for reading aloud or telling.

On reflection, it would probably be helpful to find a way to build more interaction into this workshop - though the sort of interaction that would be most helpful is what I offer in a masterclass, where it is most helpful to gather in a smaller group. But it might be possible to use a Biblical text and invite participants to ask some of the questions of it that I ask of a text ... yes, that ought to be possible.

Ah, hindsight, you are a wonderful thing.

Despite finding areas for improvement for next time, the workshop appears to have been well received, generated some good sharing of experiences and questions exploring the practice of reading Biblical texts aloud, and got the lay preachers together for networking and mutual support and encouragement - so there is much for which to be thankful from this evening's gathering.

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