of service, self, and disservice

Reading Ephesians 4:1-7, and the reflection in Disciplines this morning, the writer of the reflection picked up on the letter's encouragement to members of the church in our responsibility to serve out of our gifts, for the health of the whole body.
I, perhaps in light of my own context, also wondered if we have a responsibility to the health of the whole body to attend to our own health. How much emphasis is placed on our service to others in the church - but love your neighbour as yourself, I would suggest also means love yourself, care for yourself. We are whole together, which means that to serve others and neglect one's self is actually doing both ourselves and others a disservice.
It may well be counter cultural to be other than individualistic and self-focussed, and thus our emphasis on service. But perhaps it is also counter cultural to recognise our wholeness as reliant on each other, and that care of self is, in part, also care of our community. Just as care of others is, in part, also care of self. For we need each other; and if you need me, you need me well. 


Heather said…
Utterly true!
I need to frame these words, or put them up somewhere for me and others to read.
May I quote you?
sarah said…
thanks Heather. yes, you may quote me ;o)

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