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Receiving the profound gift of the Book of Psalms


of when mutuality is, by necessity, not mutual but lonely

I have been wondering, and I come back to this wondering every now and then, about the people who live the roles of caring for others, being present physically and emotionally with and for individuals and communities. These people give of themselves, make themselves vulnerable, available, to and for others, in order to nurture, guide, listen - to facilitate another's healing and progress towards wholeness. These people hold other people, individuals or communities, hold their stories, their joys and their sorrows, in confidence, in trust.
And I wonder: who holds them?
How does such a one approach relationships with family and friends? If it is our closer relationships that do hold us, is there a risk that our participation in those could become more take and less give, because we simply do not have enough left to give? Because we need to be held for a while?
Or is the mutuality of the more intimate relationships in our lives deeper and more involved, more involving of each person;…