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of darkness and light

worship @ belair this morning explored darkness and light - using poetry, images, actions, and a line from a mumford and sons song ... read more on the belair website.

falling after floating

on Tuesdays, Steve Taylor leads us in prayer and eucharist at Uniting College. Steve often uses visual art as a focus for prayer and reflection. yesterday's images were an altar piece with postures representing the life of Christ, and Jesus cards representing scenes in the story of Jesus from the four Gospels. my responses to the images has begun to shape itself into a poem. it may be finished, or maybe not.

To God, before whom I fall 

finding myself in the lives of Christ
the falling tumbling danger of Christ's
living with humans who tore at his

I remember so recently knowing
the soaring of Christ's peace and courage
and floating through life on angels'

considering the appearance after rising
from death, I see the disciples falling
and Christ soaring and both tumbling
and floating are OK with me
for I fall
or I fly
with you

the welcome we (don't) offer

a colleague scoffed at my name badge yesterday - 'ooh, the "rev" is it now?'
the inclusion of my title says - I have a particular place and a role, this is how I belong
the name of my community on my badge says - this is where I belong
and after a day of exploring the qualities of communities of belonging
I was hurt and disappointed at this dismissal of my belonging

I wonder in what ways we dismiss others' ways and places of belonging
It's got me wondering, too, about the ways we speak to each other in Australia, quick to ridicule, reluctant to celebrate

May I, may we all, take more time to listen and understand others, to welcome them into our presence, though another's choices may differ from our own, but whose humanity is no less valuable than our own