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of angels, yearning and hope

I have been sitting with the theme of angels for our Advent and Christmas gatherings at Belair for some time. This week, I had to move from the vague images and feelings to something concrete to share in a reflection on the Sacred Story for the worship gathering tomorrow, Advent 1. We've got our angels made by the youth arriving in the church tomorrow, being hung to wait with us through this holy and sacred season. It is their drawing explorations that led us to invite angels to be the dominant image for our reflections through Advent in particular, and I am very grateful. I am tingling with anticipation at the possibilities for engaging with the stories from the Bible and our lives in coming weeks that this invitation is opening up.
This week I have heard some angel stories from people in my congregation, that have brought me to tears in their beauty, mystery and sacred wonder. And as these stories moved within my imagination, I began to find my way to the reflection I have to wri…

ponderings provoked by the psalms

Psalm 139:16 - 'Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.'  As I read part of psalm 139 this morning, this verse arrested me, and provoked questions - 
how would a woman who had aborted a baby respond to these words?  do the people strongly advocating for women not to abort really think God doesn't see the whole woman who has conceived? do they really think there is only one life - the unborn life - at stake in those situations? 
Then the Christmas story we're about to live and tell again came to mind -  how do women who have aborted or lost a baby during pregnancy or childbirth respond to the story of Mary's conception & giving birth? 
And, inevitably, the broader questions of storytelling -  how do we make room for the 'underside' of the stories we tell?  do we make room in the cycle of our telling for the underside stories? the…