reflecting on telling the letters of John and Paul

I thought I would reflect on my process preparing to tell portions from the letters of John and Paul for our Synod / Presbytery annual meeting's opening worship and Bible studies. As I was talking to others, the phrase - inhabiting the text - came up. It really is like that, preparing a portion of Biblical story to tell: you repeat the words over and over and they travel further and further into your being - mind and soul and spirit - and becomes part of you, and you enter into it. With the letters, I find that I enter into the argument and enter into the spirit of the writer, their passion and concern for the recipients of the letter, and it becomes my concern. It becomes my argument, too. And then - as observed by another in conversation at the meeting - it's like I am speaking to the listeners then and there, making the argument up myself.
So what happens to get to this point, and what's so good about it? So posting here, I'm going to take each of the portions I told at the meeting and note my processes and discoveries.


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