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2011 Biblical Storytellers Australia National Gathering


I wonder

this question emerges out of a recent conversation, which i was pondering some more today ...

is there a master plan? do things happen for a reason?

or do we, when we open up to the Spirit (however we name it, the depth within, the breadth without) find the courage and hope and temerity to keep opening doors until we find the door through which we fit?

or perhaps, we are being led through a series of doors - by fate / destiny / God / experience - and through each we learn something that helps us to get to and through the next ... and the next ...

reflecting on theological education

I was invited to be interviewed for a research project into theological education yesterday, and it prompted reflection on my experience as a student.
Two things linger from the conversation.
The first is how committed my theological college - Adelaide College of Divinity / Uniting College for Leadership and Theology - is to honouring the individual student's experiences and needs. Especially in Uniting College, the focus is on forming people for engaging in ministry as lay or ordained people of God. But there is no 'cookie cutter' vision of what a person engaged in ministry looks like. Each person comes to college, to ministry, with their own unique gifts, experiences and passions, and each person comes with their own needs for education and formation. So when I came to the college with these wild ideas of engaging in ministry as a creative person, creating Christian community in a new way, guided by an openness to art and spirituality, the faculty and staff listened. The…