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of beginning at Belair Uniting Church

There's no truth in the rumour that all one does in the church is go to meetings. mmm. well, not much.
Much of what I've been doing these past three weeks as I've begun my placement at Belair Uniting Church has been going to meetings: last Thursday was back to back 'meetings' all day. Oh, to be fair, I suppose many of these so called meetings have actually been conversations as I start to get to know the congregation as a whole, the individuals who are part of the congregation, and my neighbouring ministers. I've also been getting to know the rhythms of life for my new congregation, where and when we gather (apart from the main gathering on a Sunday morning), where and when people are studying, working, what other groups and activities we're involved in, how our health is, what our hopes and fears are.
And, slowly, I am getting to know people's names. This is one reason to be grateful for a smaller congregation!

This Sunday just gone was one of the high…