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A season of storytelling

I'm preparing for a season of storytelling, and lots of it. At Christ Church during lent I will be leading the theme conversation portion of our gatherings, telling the gospel stories and inviting wonder:
Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees it, takes off his shoes ... (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
As for the rest of us - are we out of practice, as Jill asked us two Sundays ago? Have we lost the art of wonder - either to awe, or to ponder, which is to say, to sit with the questions that arise. Do we allow God to lift the veil on mystery and invite us into the story?
Over the remaining Sundays in Lent we will aim to recapture this forgotten art, as those around the Esther Project table have begun to do. I will tell the gospel story for the day and we will wonder. The invitation is not to have a conversation, but to respond if you wish with a simple phrase of wonder. So we might say, I wonder if all the Pharisees were angry ... and …

The Esther Project Story Event: Esther


contemplating this new opportunity

should clarify, I think, that I'm not yet on the team for the new Seasons product, as I've been invited to consider the opportunity, so will the team be invited to consider. just to be sure we're not jumping the gun.
however, as I continue to reflect, I notice that this is a deep joy for two more reasons. Firstly, the decision to undertake the period of discernment that led to me discerning a call to ordained ministry was made after I had considered auditioning for the Seasons writing team about five or six years ago. As I began to fill out the audition I began to feel ill-equipped for the exegetical work required of the task of preparing resources for congregational worship. I sometimes forget this in responding to the question of how I came to be a candidate for ordination, but I think this was the final catalyst for the journey I have now been on since that time. I didn't complete the audition then, but here I am again, invited to write with this very creative team.…

a new writing opportunity

I'm pretty excited this afternoon, having just been invited to consider contributing to a new shape of congregational lectionary based worship resource. Seasons of the Spirit is an amazing resource, used around the world week in and week out in all sorts of worshipping communities. I'm thrilled to think it might be possible for me to offer my creativity to such a source of guidance and inspiration! There's lots still to work out, of course, but I love the direction in which the team is seeking to take Seasons, and am looking forward to helping reshape it. Who would have thought that in giving up one dream (higher degree in English Literature) I have actually found an even more fulfilling way to live as a storyteller! Ah, but the journey of life takes you in some unexpected directions, doesn't it, especially when you let yourself be guided by the Creator/Wisdom/Spirit. *giggles with delight at it all*

don't underestimate the power of story

isn't it amazing that an introvert can say that an evening with a bunch of people, and more than that, an evening with a bunch of people for whom this introvert is facilitator of our gathering, gives me more energy than it takes?? how amazing. i don't know what to do with it other than marvel at it, enjoy it each and every week, and love love love the Spirit whose doing it must be! perhaps it might help readers to have some context - briefly, then, each week The Esther Project community gather for Sacred Story spaces (sometimes it is an encounter of wondering and discovery and other times it is a story event in which we bring together our discoveries and wonderings in a response of gratitude for the story). I am usually the facilitator of these spaces, as the leader of The Esther Project (we do hope as we grow to invite others from the community to also facilitate the spaces). I usually get more energy from time alone, silence, reflection, space. Time with people I enjoy, but …

Art and Community

Blackwood Uniting Church invite artists to participate in an exhibition on the theme of Community,to be held from 16 - 18 April 2010.The theme has been chosen to encourage artists to reflect on the nature of Community and to represent this in some way, through the media of painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, ceramics or glass.More information and entry form available via their website.



tenuous wholeness

beneath a sepia sky
of rainclouds reflecting streetlights
my cheeks are wet, not by rain, but by the profound discovery
of wholeness, however tenuous, painted against a black backdrop,
scars an etching of regret, edges faded and worn, colour stretched
and yet - 
piercing through to the heart eyes that shine despite it all for a precious  tenuous  moment

Published in On Wisdom's Wings, Ginninderra Press, 2013.