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reflecting on the Christmas Story Event

Cheryl Lawrie posted this blessing on her blog:

Go into the world
and into this most remarkable of weeks.
Be confident
that even in the midst of our
chaos and celebrations
hope is pushing its way into our world
in a story as old as the universe
and as new as this moment.
We offered it to the 15 people who gathered for the first Esther Project story event. In our new pattern of gathering as a community of faith, story and creativity, we will be spending time with one story from the biblical narrative each month or so (with variations on the pattern for lent, etc.). We will spend three weeks 'encountering' the story, asking questions, making connections between the story and other biblical and non-biblical stories, our own lives, and beginning to imagine retelling the story for our own context. On the fourth week we will create a story event, an alternative worship space in which we will offer the fruit of our discoveries in prayer, conversation, silence, music, liturgy, art ... So …

Christmas Story Event - The Esther Project


venturing beyond the edge of our own tradition

Last night I was at a dinner of people that gather in a couple of groups that Nicholas Rundle coordinates. Some are people from a Philosophy Cafe, which sounds interesting - they're toying with the idea of a series of conversations next year around Moses and Socrates ...  Another group was people who meet for meditation led by Nicholas, an Anglican priest, and a Buddhist monk. It was interesting to talk with Nicholas, hearing his approach to leading such groups in a way that honours where people are, what their different ideas are about Spirit, mystery, Sacred.  It's got me thinking about that fine line we walk, along which we seek to meet people where they are at, honour the humanity of all and the different ways we all nurture our spirituality, an also seek to live out our ideas about the Sacred with integrity.  I wonder how much of our own faith tradition we need to set aside in order to truly honour the traditions of others, or whether it is possible to avoid being one person…

continuing to encounter the story of Christmas

The Christmas spirit is simply having faith that the story may be made real again: That love will be born, even here - Cheryl Lawrie.Join us for a sacred story encounter on Monday December 14, 7.00 – 8.30 pm, Christ Church Wayville – 26 King William Rd, as we hear the story of the birth of Jesus as told by Luke - how might that story become real for us?
You are also invited to join us for a sacred story event on Monday December 21, at the same time and place ... how might love might be born for us, even here? Wine and cheese provided.
The Esther Project welcomes people from all faith traditions to share in the life of our community.
Contact Sarah on 0408 087 754 for more information or email

mothers, children and chocolate

A person I've met through The Esther Project has introduced me to Compassion. We were talking last week and this at our Story Encounter gatherings about the difficult conditions in which Mary gave birth to Jesus, and wondered about women today still giving birth in 'back rooms' and laying their new born babies in 'mangers'. Rose shared with us that yes there are many women in this situation, but that there are groups offering help and hope to these women. One such group is Compassion, and their 'Bundle of Joy' campaign not only give women in developing nations a chance for access to health care support, but offers education about being a mother and caring for a child. And today Rose emailed me some information about a group campaigning for an end to child abuse through trafficking and forced labour. The focus of their efforts at the moment is Nestle, whose chocolate is made from cocoa beans sourced mainly from the Ivory Coast, where children are forced to w…