off the edge

as I step off the edge
of this well worn map,
which has served me well
and got me this far,
though it can take me
no further,
I wonder,
how will I find my way
from here?

as I keep walking,
but with no thought of turning
I notice a companion
beside me

as we begin to talk,
this Presence changes
sometimes speaking a lot
sometime listening deeply,
sometimes wandering off the path
in pursuit of something intriguing –
I follow, and we create a new
path to tread

as we rest beneath an ancient tree
it occurs to me
not once have I felt lost
travelling off the map –
curious, adventurous,
uncertain, and sometimes lonely,
but always found
on this untrod
unmapped path

and as we find our way
it seems others
are also venturing off the map
to try the untried
guided by a relationship
that cannot be bounded
by neat black lines

this poem was inspired by words written by Cheryl Lawrie. and emerges out of the experience of starting a new community. I've been on a big learning curve recently with this experience, some of which I will share here in time. 

Poem published in On Wisdom's Wings, Ginninderra Press, 2013. Also Season of a New Heart, Effective Living Centre, 2010. 


sarah said…
this poem appears in the Poets Corner anthology, Season of a New Heart, published 2010.

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