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Women, Wisdom and Leadership

Yesterday, at lunch time on day one of the annual Synod / Presbytery meeting of the Uniting Church in SA, I attended a lunch that I had helped to organise. This lunch was for women, and came out of a vision of a friend of mine, Sue, to create space for women to gather for mutual support and encouragement as we engage in ministry in the Uniting Church. It was a fabulous event. Such enthusiasm as people entered the room, like they had been waiting for such an opportunity to gather for so long!  We had invited Liz, Old Testament/ Hebrew Bible lecturer at Uniting College, to lead us in a reflection on Sophia / Lady Wisdom. She appears in Proverbs mostly, and some apocryphal books. It was fantastic to hear Liz's thoughts on what we can find in Lady Wisdom as inspiration for a female approach to leadership. The image of women as leaders in the picture of Lady Wisdom is of relationship, invitation, hospitality. And Liz challenged us to resist accepting the status quo of structures and pat…

Sacred moment on a Friday night

I look up into the mirrorwhere clouds are brooding shading the star light blocking the moon light feet up head back cupping amber in my hands
I look up into the mirror where the clouds are drifting shifting to make room for tiny glimmers of  starlight faint hints of moonlight toes wiggling  eyes wandering sipping cool warming liquid
I look at the mirror where the clouds are moving my hair is blown a little too legs stretch  eyes close and I breathe in deeply breathe out slowly legs stretch eyes open
I look again into the mirror looking a question finding a smile in reply hold my breath  blink back a tear I am here I am here
through whispy clouds moonlight and starlight twinkle
I smile in return

ah, Shakespeare

Shakespeare play Sunday, and it was about time I saw one. This was a film of the National Theatre doing All’s Well that Ends Well at the Old Vic. Stunning production. They embraced the fairy / folk tale element of the story, and it really helped to tell the story. There were segments of ‘slow motion’ when the actors moved slowly … there was use of silhouette to show action that was mostly without dialogue, in order to convey more of the story … so it was also a use of silence, clever, so clever. And music was there, and the staging, they’d have Paris and Rosillion depicted on the stage at the same time, with characters freezing in one place while the action carried on in another. And the use of Gold for the King’s Palace and Silver for Rosillion was really clever, subtle, so subtle. The story itself is less familiar to me than other stories, and has an interesting mix of farce and darkness. Helena is treated quite badly by her husband (who you can actually sympathise with, as a wife n…

anticipating ELC's Artist in Residence

I am very much looking forward to attending some of the sessions of the Effective Living Centre's Artist in Residence program this year. Trish Watts will be leading sessions on the theme 'Finding voice, seeking play' - looking at music and movement. The Effective Living Centre brings fabulous people from around Australia and overseas to be part of its program throughout the year, and I love the way their program effortlessly blends art, spirituality, healing, nurture, to equip and challenge us in the daily living of life connected to the Sacred.
Click here for more information and the brochure to register.

Biblical Storytelling opportunity for those in Melbourne

The Christmas Storytelling Project"Tell someone a story and they'll be blessed for a day.
Teach someone to storytell and they'll be a blessing to the whole community.”
This year, instead of touring a Christmas storytelling performance, for the first time Melbourne churches have the exciting opportunity to provide someone from their own community to receive professional one-on-one training in the art of Biblical Storytelling. Led by The Backyard Bard's Creative Director &skilled storyteller, Simon Camilleri, all participants will receive over 10 hours of fun & practical coaching in how to prepare a passionate Christmas storytelling for you own church's Christmas event!BOOK NOW & DON'T MISS OUT!!
Contact Simon on 0425 851 540 or