workshop this weekend

I'm up to final preparations for the workshop on healing through Biblical stories, for the Australian Church Library Association, this Sunday. 
I must say, I am very glad that I put in so much work on this one in the mid year break, even though I didn't get much rest, because with the trip o/s and Nanna's death a couple of weeks ago, all I have to do is refamiliarise myself with the material, and edit it down for a 45 minute slot. Oh, and learn the story. Again, I'm glad of foresight, having chosen a story that i read in chapel at college earlier this year, read but almost had learnt to tell. 
And it's coming together quite well, I'm pleased to say. 
questions I was going to invite people to ponder I won't have time to ask, so I'm going to put them on the worksheet and as they arrive, people can have a quick think about them. I think they'll be most helpful to me, though, in the back of my mind as the things I hope to help people discover ... or something. 
the whole process has strengthened some things for me about biblical storytelling - it really is an opportunity to invite people into the heart of the story, and for them to invite the story into their hearts. and it is in these stories of the relationship of God and the people of God throughout time that we can discover God, and there find healing, wholeness, life. I am passionate about that - about finding God in the story, about finding the story of God in our hearts, about enabling people to find their place in the story of the relationship between God and God's people. 
sometimes we cruise along, or race about more likely, in the ebb and flow of life, and occasionally we get to stop and remember why we're heading in the direction we've chosen. 
my time seems to be dotted with moments of rediscovery of the centre of who I am - I am a Biblical Storyteller. i wonder if the church realises that it is for this they will ordain me, whatever shape it takes, which hasn't been formed yet probably ... 


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