Manchester August 31

[pics of urbis centre: Michelle Coram]

Another plane, from Belfast to Manchester - thankfully these are 30 minute plane rides. Blissful compared to 22 hours. 
Instead of resting, we went for a walk to the city centre. There is a real mix of old and new buildings, possibly more than the other cities we visited, possibly I only noticed it here ... 
We went to Urbis exhibition centre, which is a triangle shaped building with a glass lift that goes up on an angle - we walked up and took the lift down, which was a new experience. There's a different exhibition on each floor, and since it's a triangle, the floors get smaller each level up. When we were there they had manga art (which made me think of my sister's friends who love the anime spin off of manga), urban gardening (in which i read about an interfaith project, different groups, i.e. Christian & Muslism, are coming together for a common ecological goal), ten years of a local fashion designer who has achieved global renown, and entries from a Manchester art competition. 

Back in the hotel, i did get some rest, and dealt with feelings of not wanting to go home - really want to live in the UK and absorb it all in a less rushed fashion! 


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