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Saturday morning - later
heard a couple of the leaders of an anglican church in san francisco speak about their worship. it is focussed around the alter table, which has some lovely words about welcoming all around its edge. most of what they shared of the premise of their worship, the central element of offering communion/eucharist to all, no matter who, was not so striking to us uniting churchers from aus. that's our policy. then we remembered that in the anglican church the rules say baptised / confirmed members of certain protestant denominations are welcome to take part in the eucharist. most don't question, but more out of politeness than an intentional breaking down of boundaries between the members and non members, viewing the searching through eucharist as a valid entry into relationship with Christ. as i say - not so striking for participants in uniting church communion. they also described this theology of open communion as a theology of creation - to omit some people from communion is to exclude some of creation.

liked what they said about hunger being the only pre-requisite for coming to God - not needing any preparation, just a yearning for God.
Also that a sure sign of the presence of Jesus at worship is the presence of at least one person who 'shouldn't' be there.
and that people are invited to be creators of church there, not consumers.


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