greenbelt 2

these aren't in order - i'll fix it all and add photos when i'm back in australia and time isn't limited.
have an hour today, so might be able to put up a few thoughts from what i've been engaging with so far at greenbelt.

21 / 08 - thursday
we spent most of the day planning the worship space for saturday afternoon. went to a gorgeous, very english cafe first up - having ditched another because we couldn't get service with the girl on her break and the chef not willing to take our order ... . then off to B&Q - hardware store bigger than the big bunnings stores, if you can believe it - a woolies type store and to the racecourse.
My first impression at the racecourse was how big this festival is. there are literally thousands of people involved in the organisation alone - 25,000 people all up will be at the racecourse this weekend. 10,000 tents/caravans. ours were already up and ready for us, out there on their own! after the visit i did feel a little overwhelmed at the size of it all. there's plenty of space for chillin, though, as long as you take one day at a time, each moment as it comes.
we got to see the space we'd be working with, which helped my preparations for the telling. hope i get the telling ready in time. it's almost there, but needs some decent preparation time.


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