greenbelt 1

Saturday morning:
25,000 people are gathering on the Cheltenham racecourse for a unique festival of arts - music, literature, visual and performance art - and justice, worship, fun, etc.
We commented last night that we've never been anywhere where the crowd is so diverse. and i mean diverse - age, culture, sub-culture, everything.
ah, running out of internet cafe time.
yesterday i was invited to a round table discussion between alt. church leaders from uk, usa and australia. felt a bit out of place, coz these people are doing what i'm only dreaming of, but i met someone who is doing research into the communities of first century and twenty first century followers of Christ, which ties in with what i hope to research eventually. hopefully we'll have a conversation during the weekend in more depth.
saw a one woman play called elizabeth's last stand - captivating mime. very funny, especially interactions with audience members. more on that when i've next got time to blog.
also so michael franti & spearhead - great lyrics and rhythms. such a concern for humanity, spirituality, relationship, the earth and peace in the lyrics. fabulous start to the weekend.

going to hear some reflections on 'eating jesus' in a bit, but need to line up. if you really want to get in to an event, you need to line up coz there are that many people here, and the venues are limited.


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