fresh expressions of church in the uk

So I've finally had a minute or two to sit and think about the forthcoming trip to the uk to experience Greenbelt and to meet with alternative church leaders and communities. 
I found my way to the website for Fresh Expressions, which is an initiative for emerging church communities in the uk. they have this ad for ordained ministers, inviting people to engage in this new, multifaceted, multidimensional, emerging experience of church. i'm tempted to join. it is inviting. more inviting than the uniting church which at the moment seems to privilege a frightened conservative traditional approach to being church, as much as there are those of us trying to move in new directions. 
as i leave australian shores for a few weeks, i'm feeling despondent about church here, about candidating for odained ministry within it, about where we are headed. i hope the things i discover in england rejeuvenate my enthusiasm for church here, rather than invite me to leave it behind for longer. 
that's harsh, perhaps, but an honest reflection, honest response to what i see. i'm prepared to admit that i don't see the whole picture. i'm prepared to admit that i do see the positive moves. and for now, at least, i am still prepared to put my 'money' (or my soul) where my mouth is and engage in change. 


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